Selected Term Paper No. 8 / Juli 2005
God's Own State? Der Einfluss der Christlichen Rechten auf die US-amerikanische Außenpolitik

Andrea Stohr


Many observers of U.S. American politics see the Christian Right as an influential actor under the Bush administration. Whereas many publications concentrate on domestic politics and on the role of the Christian Right in elections, less has been written about the influence of the Christian Right on foreign policy. The mere concentration on the President and his religious belief to identify the influence of the Christian Right on American foreign policy – as often done in newspapers – doesn’t meet the realities of foreign policy decision-making in the United States, because Congress is also an important player in foreign policy.

Therefore, this paper concentrates on two questions:

  1. What foreign policy topics are important to the organizations of the so called Christian Right?
  2. Which members of Congress can be identified as supporters of the Christian Right agenda?
After answering this two questions, the influence of the Christian Right is exemplified by showing the positions of the Christian Rights towards the United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003 and by examining which modifications of this Act have been reached by the lobbying of the Christian Right towards members of Congress.